16 Live Legends

In the last few years, very interesting and useful books have been published in Bulgaria for tourism. More or less familiar sites have been selected on the territory of the country with advices to be visited. That great interest of the general public  provoked us to present to the National Culture Fund the idea more information to be given about the unique sites on our land. Our idea has been accepted and we have received funding to realize the idea.

We have selected the Legend form. It is easily accessible of the general audience, even for adolescents. It's like a game, mysteris of history. Not accidentally, myth and legend are among the most ancient arts surviving millennia. People love the fascinating stories, love the mysteries and jokes of history. And most importantly: they love discovery. And Tourism.

With this site we offer places that are linked to heroic epochs, with unique constructions, with the invaluable wealth of folklore and our national traditions. On a relatively small territory, our country offers incredible synthesis of millennial monuments and our rich folklore treasure-house.

Who we are?  We are more than 50 journalists  and writers  united in the Association of Bulgarian Journalists and Writers for Tourism (ABUJET). We are working in many key media – dailies, weeklies, magazines, specialized websites, National radio and National Television. The Bulgarian association is founded in 1956 and is the oldest branch professional journalistic organization in the country. ABUJET is member of the biggest international organization of proffecional Travel Journalists and Writers – FIJET (Fédération Internationale des Journalistes et Ecrivains du Tourisme). FIJET was formed in Paris, France, in 1954. At present, FIJET counts for more than 700 members in over 35 countries and 30 national associations. FIJET has Consultative Status in UNESCO as a Non-Governmental Organization.